Rules of Play

Children are only admitted in the company of an adult and that adult must remain on the premises and ensure that all children in their care adhere to the rules below.

  • No shoes to be worn in Maze
  • Socks must be worn
  • Feet first down slides, arms crossed
  • No ball throwing
  • No fighting
  • No hurting other children
  • No rough play
  • No casts allowed into maze
  • No running up slides
  • No running around outside of Maze or on the stairs
  • No food or drink in the maze or ball courts
  • No Chewing gum
  • No lying under the balls in Maze where you can’t be seen • No Adults are allowed in the large maze
  • Children under 5yrs are not allowed into large area
  • No children over 5yrs allowed in the toddler area
  • Remove hanging jewellery e.g. necklaces
  • Remove mobile phones and loose change from pockets
Please Note:
  • It is advisable where possible that children who wear glasses remove them before entering the Maze.
  • Parents please supervise children in the toddler Area.
  • There is a height restriction of 4 ft 9 inches and it must be adhered too.